Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. We would like to have our oven shipped pre-assembled is this something that you offer?

A. When you order your oven just select the pre-assembled option and our team will build and ship your oven right to your door.

Q. How do I assemble my new Oven Brothers outdoor wood fired pizza oven?

A. It's super easy. You will find a written step-by-step manual in the delivered flat-packed wooden crate that will assist you in assembling your new wood fired pizza oven.

Q. What's happens if I'm missing a piece for assembling my product?

A. Our team does its very best to ensure that no parts are missing. However accidents do happen. Please let us know the specific part number and we'll ship it out overnight free of charge.

Q. I've started installing my firebrick and realized they are to tight to fit. 

A. We have included five pre cut fire bricks (due to varying manufacturing tolerances) with each oven kit that are to be used in the finally assembly. Instructions will be attached in your wooden crate.

Q. Can my new outdoor wood fired oven be painted once it's all assembled?

A. Yes of course it can. We recommend using high heat paint from your local hardware store. It's best if you do all your prep and paint work prior to placing the fire bricks in the oven. If you do not wish to have your oven rust prior to it being painted make sure to keep it out of the elements (rain, snow, etc.) prior to painting. Flash rust is normal is bare metal is exposed to the elements.

Q. How long does it take before I can cook a pizza?

A. Under normal circumstances The Original Bro ™ takes 30-35 minutes to heat up, while The Big Bro ™ takes 45-60 minutes to heat up.

Q. Can I purchase an oven kit without the fire bricks?

A. No. Oven Brothers offers a complete ready to fire oven package.

Q. Do you offer after sales support?

A. Yes! You can contact us with any of your questions.

Q. Do your ovens need to be seasoned before the first use?

A. Yes, seasoning the oven is required prior to first use. For full instructions please refer to your owners manual.

Q. Is it possible to cook more than pizza in my new outdoor wood fired oven?

A. Absolutely! You can cook almost anything in your new oven ranging from homemade pasta dishes, chicken, steak, fresh baked pies, and even bread.

Q. How is the wood fired oven affected by the high heat temperatures?

A. Due to high temperatures, it is normal that the carbon steel panels might deform a little. This does not have any impact on the cooking quality or the overall performance of your new outdoor oven.

Q. Why buy Canadian?

A. We are securing jobs, helping to create new ones and let’s not forget, when Canadian businesses are successful, they are in a position to give back to the communities they serve by supporting local charities, cultural associations, etc. Successfully employed Canadians and successful businesses also mean larger tax revenues towards government programs. Buying products made in Canada makes sense!

Q. Can I change my shipping address once my appliance is on its way?

A. Absolutely! You will need to contact us by telephone or email to make the change. Any extra charges will be billed to the customer and will be due before your delivery.

Q. Is it possible to return my oven crate after I'm done assembling my product

A. If you are local we would gladly take back your crate and recycle it. We'd probably even flip you an OB hat or shirt for your good deed :).