Engine Room Team

BLAIR WHYTE (Northern_bbq_brew)
My Name is Blair Whyte, I live in Temiskaming Shores in Northern Ontario on Lake Temiskaming. We're the head waters of the Ottawa river. I have a passion for bbq and grill year round despite often grilling in - 20 temperatures at times throughout the winter. Although 30 plus years ago I spent two years at Canadore college in Culinary Management, I soon discovered working in a kitchen was not for me but my love for cooking never changed. I began grilling on propane like many others. The past 3 years have me using many different grills and enjoying how they all cook. My real passion is live fire and having to control the heat with wood and or air. I'm looking forward to all the exciting ways of cooking that the Oven Brothers wood fired ovens offer.                                                                                                     



Neil SCAVELLI (Neilsarap)

My Name is Neil (neilsarap on social media) I have been cooking and grilling for over 34 years. Food and feeding others is my passion. I was born and raised in Florida. When I am not working, I am spending time with my wife and daughter, and running my seasoning company. My biggest motivation is the feedback I get from others that are eating my food or using my products, that's what drives me to continue developing new flavor profiles and hopefully continuing to help teach others how to cook delicious foods and share my love for barbecue. I like to cook on all types of grills and cookers, my favorite is live fire indirect and over the fire cooking. my favorite things to grill are Korean style kalbi beef short ribs and Filipino barbecue pork sticks. Speaking of Filipino, Sarap in Neil's Sarap BBQ is the Filipino word for Delicious, it is a tribute to my wife and my love for Filipino food. 




 Rhonda MACPHERSON (Macdogmac)   

Hi I’m Rhonda aka @macdogmac aka “Just a Girl and her Kitchen”. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and currently live near Vancouver, BC. I have a passion for cooking and for creating new and exciting dishes and recipes and I love sharing all of my food ideas with my social media followers. I literally started cooking at 5 years old and have loved playing in the kitchen ever since. I especially enjoy cooking in my outdoor kitchen where I can really fire things up.


Ted SHEPPARD (Shep de Cuisine) 

I have always been a fan of the ol’ gas bbq, the flare ups were the most exciting part (foreshadowing?). I didn’t see how it could ever get better until my Dad, the grill master, handed down a pellet grill to me which changed the game, next level stuff, I  thought - until... yep... here it comes.... After trying for years to perfect my pizza recipe I decided the missing element was the wood fire. To the internet I go... Oven Brothers found their way into my browser and I was blown away by the look of these steel chambers of fire and figured ifthey worked half as good as they looked I couldn't go wrong. Once the Original Bro arrived I quickly realized that I was born for fire-cooking. I searched for a pizza oven but found a wood burning engine of creativity and flavour. I haven’t touched my gas or pellet grills since (gave them away) and henceforth I identify as a fire-cooker. I am married with 4 boys and they know when I’m on the Daddio with the oven smiling orange there’s gonna be a feast.



 Owen QUIRK (Aweebitquirky)  

Owen Quirk hails from North Carolina and loves to grill and BBQ in his backyard with family and friends. Owen was first introduced to BBQ after moving to North Carolina at age 13. However, his love and interest for BBQ really sparked while at East Carolina University, surrounded by some of the best BBQ in North Carolina (and some of the best in the world).  Owen’s love of food and cooking really burgeoned when his wife gave him a smoker for Christmas. His love of BBQ and cooking combined and transformed from a hobby to a passion.  When given an opportunity to explore the one food he could literally eat everyday and never tire of (pizza), with an amazing wood fired oven, he jumped at the chance. Owen strives to expand what can be cooked outdoors over fire with a touch of smoke. He likes to break away from the norm by making meals that are “a wee bit quirky” at times. Owen strives to bring a fun, light hearted spirit and a touch of shenanigans to his cooks when he can. When he isn’t cooking, Owen loves to camp with his wife, three young children and two dogs.